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About Us

UNOCASH is a community of ordinary persons, empowering each other, you can sit at the comfort of your home or office to embark on this journey of finnancial freedom, building your wealth bit by bit, empower others and in turn get empowered.

UNOCASH is one of the largest financial empowerment Network for everyone, young and old and even students. Here members voluntarily fund each other’s purse, and get funded in return in a higher volume. UNOCASH is a key activity that is not only fun, but critical to your personal growth and business development

UNOCASH has ZERO risk as every transaction is being made directly into your account. No selling or buying, and there is no intermediate. System startup money (capital) is just NGN500 Only! Total Income (Profit) is NGN20,000

How It Works


First Level

Once You Register you are automatically assigned to an existing member (YOUR UPLINE) pay Him/Her NGN500 and you will be set to recieve a payment from 4 persons(YOUR DOWNLINE) NGN2,000


Second Level

Upgrade to second Level with NGN1,000 the system will automatically assign 18 persons to pay you (NGN1,000) each on the level within a short time, then you circle out.


Why we are Unique

With just NGN500 you will make (NGN20,000) this is no joke every one should try it, you can decide to get into the system again as many time as you want. You do not need refer downlines

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